A more sustainable tomorrow

At Cras we believe in a more sustainable tomorrow and we believe that fashion can be just as fun, trendy and glamorous and at the same time be made only with certified sustainable fabrics and packed only in recycled materials. We are raising the bar in all we do with regards to protecting the environment and ensure that our dear clients are informed of all aspects our business, so we jointly can take better care of our clothes and thus help to protect the planet. Together all our joint small changes will make a big change for the world tomorrow.

Cras is fashion that just happens to also be sustainable - as it should be

Sustainable fabrics

Cras cares deeply about the environment and the restrain the fashion industry puts on it when producing fabrics. Cras only uses certified sustainable and natural fabrics, which reduces the footprint of our products immensely. The fabrics range from certified recycled polyester, the new “green“ type of viscose Eco Vero, natural silk and organic cotton. By using sustainable fabrics Cras tries to offer our beloved clients a green option, when shopping. We at Cras love to dress up, we love to shop and we love to feel that we can do all of this and at the same time take better care of the environment by choosing sustainable yet fashionable garments. Not only does Cras make sure that the environment is thoroughly considered when designing and producing all our garments, but we also make sure the quality is at its best, whereby your garments can last for long and be passed on to friends or charity thus prolonging the life of each piece. Sustainability at its best!

Green Wrapping

Cras believes its not enough to merely use sustainable fabrics. So much plastic and waste are used when packaging the goods from the factories, when sending the garments from our webshop or our partners to our final clients. Cras therefore only uses 100% recycled plastic polybags to wrap our garments in and recycled plastic shipment bags, when sending out garments from our webshop. These bags are all made from plastic waste, whereby waste that would normally have been thrown away is re-melted and turned into usable environmental bags. In addition to our packing Cras also uses certified organic and recycled hangtags and labels in our garments. That means both the distingue blue Cras neck label and the care label with wash instructions is weaved with recycled polyester thread, and the cool big hangtag is made from FSC-certified paper. Neck labels are made from recycled OEKO-TEX® certified yarn.

Ethical Partners

Cras only works with certified and/or long term partners throughout the production process. Cras has its own production company in China, whereby our Chinese employees on a weekly basis visit our local partners to ensure all requirements are met with regards to working conditions, environmental requirements and all other contractual obligations set out by the signed code of conduct we ask all our partners to agree to and sign. In Europe we only work with BSCI certified factories in Portugal and Turkey. By partnering up with BSCI certified factories we can ensure that our partners all meet our requirements on corporate social responsibility. The BSCI certificate aims to set out the values and principles that all partner must implement in their supply chains to protect workers’ rights. Finally, then Cras is also very proud to have some of our knit knitted and sewn in a small family run business in Denmark. Cras loves to support the local manufacturers and we hope to expand on this even more in the future.