Monocras maxi dress

1399 dkk

Cool Monogram printed maxi dress with cutline at waist and hidden zipper at neck. The perfect dress for both dressing up and partnered with sneaks for an everyday great look.
The model is 173 cm and wearing a size 36.
Run big to size, go one size down
The dress is made out of 100% recycled polyester.

Our recycled polyester is made primarily from plastic bottles, which are sterilized and crushed into small chips. The chips are thereafter melted and made into strings of yarn via a spinning machine. The yarn will then be putt through other machines to create the fluffy wooly texture, where after once its dried it can be woven into polyester fabric.
Using plastic waste like plastic bottles ensure that the left over plastic doesn’t end up in landfills and oceans. Normal non- recycled polyester is derived from petroleum and the oil manufacturing industry is the world’s largest pollutant, wherefore it’s a win-win for the environment to use recycled polyester.

Cras only uses certified sustainable and natural fabrics, which reduces the footprint of our products immensely. The fabrics range from certified recycled polyester, the new “green“ type of viscose Eco Vero, natural silk and organic cotton. 

Not only does Cras make sure that the environment is thoroughly considered when designing and producing all our garments, but we also make sure the quality is at its best, whereby your garments can last for long and be passed on to friends or charity thus prolonging the life of each piece. Sustainability at its best!