Dalia blouse

420 dkk 600 dkk

Sparkling and cripsy summer top with cute sleeves and puplum hem. Comes with slip top. Made of 70% recycled polyester from plastic waste and 30% polyester

Size guide - size 38
Chest: 103 cm
Front length: 61 cm
Sleeve length: 26 cm

Cras only uses certified sustainable and natural fabrics, which reduces the footprint of our products immensely. The fabrics range from certified recycled polyester, the new “green“ type of viscose Eco Vero, natural silk and organic cotton. 

Not only does Cras make sure that the environment is thoroughly considered when designing and producing all our garments, but we also make sure the quality is at its best, whereby your garments can last for long and be passed on to friends or charity thus prolonging the life of each piece. Sustainability at its best!